fantroll hell

Rumminov's dumpster full of her fantroll garbage.

This primarly focuses on my cryptid themed fantrolls. For my other fantrolls and fantroll related projects, see the about page! Occasionally NSFW.


I finally… finished these…….

    kimmygibblr asked "are the consorts supposed to be animals that people mistook for cryptids? thats so clever i love it"

    Oh my gosh, yes! I’m so happy someone caught that detail, I definitely wasn’t expecting it.

      Anonymous asked "*ahems* witiko's symbol looks like a vag + ovaries. good day"

      At this point I feel like acknowledging the fact that all their symbols are some sort of reproductive organ should be in the FAQ

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        Anonymous asked "what're those totem creatures?"

        Totem creatures are like John’s fireflies and Jade’s hummingbirds in their lands. The ones that appear around them when they ascend to God Tier.

          I made a Leedsa too, she just blinks since what I had planned animation-wise didn’t look right haha

            Anonymous asked "oooo pretty blog. You are adding ancestors and dancestors? I am really interested in learning about them :O. You have the best fantrolls soooo"

            Thank you!! I’m in the middle of trying to get this blog more organized (laugh track). I’m definitely planning on adding pages for the ancestors and dancestors! I’m also working on updating the main trolls’ profiles but its a bit tedious so I haven’t gotten to too many.

            Basically expect new things to roll out slowly. Once significant changes have been made I’ll announce it in a post so everyone can check out the new stuff!

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              I made this floaty Wikito. I don’t know why but I always imagine Yakhnes floating.

                It’s been awhile since I drew her

                I wanted to make it transparent but it would have involved too much clean up for me right now haha

                  Not sure if I ever posted these, I still have to do the rest of them but wings are such a chore, haha

                    Anonymous asked "how tall is meerka, and your trolls in general :?"

                    She’s like 6’6” I think, I have a height chart I posted here: