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Anonymous → do you have mbti types for any of them? :O

I think I picked most of these based on description rather than doing the test 12 times, though.  So they might not be super perfect since the descriptions tend to vary a little from what I’ve seen.

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it’s christmas time

my children


it’s christmas time

my children

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art is hard

art is hard

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Anonymous → Any advice on making a fantroll unique?

Honestly this is not something I would worry about because there are so many fantrolls in existence there is bound to be one similar to yours. Mine aren’t even super unique (there are plenty of wolf-like trolls and trolls who garden, etc).

People will like your troll as long as they are interesting (as in, they have actual flaws and are well rounded and all that), and they certainly don’t have to be 100% unique to be interesting! I don’t like to offer much advice on here since I don’t see myself as any sort of expert or authority on this, but those are just my thoughts.

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…And it would have been such a good idea, if you only didn’t get attached.


…And it would have been such a good idea, if you only didn’t get attached.

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sooo it was a sunday night and I was like “shit lets procrastinate on cosplay by doing cosplay” and I ended up finally doing rumminov’s fantroll Witiko!!

I can’t get over this, you did such an awesome job! Definitely wasn’t expecting to see any cosplay any time soon but I’m so pleasantly surprised! You look great, I love it!

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Anonymous → the absence of gl'bgolyb in this universe would mark a radical departure from canon troll culture. obviously the more mellow nature of pre-scratch troll culture is at least somewhat due to empress feferi's influence, and i'm not gonna get into semantics about whether trolls are inherently violent, but what's the nature of your alternia? pre-scratch pacifistic or post-scratch hideously aggressive? somewhere in between?

Despite it being an AU where the Condesce doesn’t rule / there’s no Gl’bgolyb, it’s generally similar to canon Alternia I’d say? The Empire is run by Lochness, since she believes to have done away with the true emperor, and she runs a pretty tight ship. There is also the presence of a malevolent First Guardian, who has influenced certain things similarly to Doc Scratch.

As far as Beforus, it would be led by Kontan (and in this universe I doubt he’d have run from the throne), so I don’t think it would be quite the same as canon. I’m sure lowbloods would still be in servitude to highbloods at the very least (but truth be told I haven’t focused much on Beforus things yet).

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I’ve been lacking motivation for those ask meme responses (I feel bad about it, but I fully intend to complete those) but here are some messy designs I did for Dionae’s ancestor, The Wildling.

Her role in the ancestor story right now is pretty minimal and I’m looking to change that. She does have contact with Ravenous Goregin, though.

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jakemorph → So according to Paradox Space it would seem the Alternian equivalent of a Yeti is some sort of Highblood idol . . . .

I only consider Pxspace semi-canon but I’m more excited that it basically confirmed Alternia would have snowy regions, since awhile ago people would say it wasn’t possible because of the intensity of the sun.

Mehtehs are highblood perfection though its canon

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I forgot to post these but these are drawings I got at the Otakon draw party this year from Evy/clysmian (left) and Shelby/wecansexy (right)! I’m so into them

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